Tips for job hunting in China

From my time in China, I have found it to be a completely different job market from what I am used to elsewhere. In New Zealand, UK, USA etc, you are likely to find most vacancies posted on popular job sites and you can generally expect a response to your job applications. Not the case … Continue reading

Trafficking in China

Two months ago, I gave a presentation on human trafficking in South East Asia. This was the first time I had presented on the issue in China, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The audience was largely young professionals- some expats, some local Chinese– with some university students as well. Everything went well … Continue reading

Modern day slavery and its forgotten victims

When I think of slavery, for some reason I think about William Wilberforce, the American Civil War and Rosa Parks.  And then the assumption that follows is that slavery is now well and truly abolished. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be more wrong. Human trafficking is an approximately USD 60 billion dollar (in profits) industry, with an … Continue reading

Flash mob hakas- New Zealand going Rugby wild!

Here is a really great insight into the Kiwi mentality and rugby craze storming through New Zealand right now. The Rugby World Cup begins end of this week with New Zealand’s first game and so it is fitting that the atmosphere is piping hot with excitement right now. To get a sense of this excitement, … Continue reading

The quintessential Kiwi summer

 What is the quintessential Kiwi summer?  A truly kiwi summer must meet several requirements before it can be deemed a kiwi summer and those requirements are encapsulated in these words :sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.  1. Sight- New Zealand is a vibrant array of colour during the summer. When the Pohutukawas (NZ Christmas Tree, middle picture) … Continue reading

Our last week in Wellington

  Its been a hectic week of saying goodbyes as we head overseas today. Last night we were sent off with a final steak and cheese pie and fish and chips (“fush and chups” anyone?) The nights before was Istanbul Cafe with the Pratley extended family and dinner at friends places. But one cannot leave New Zealand … Continue reading

Adrenaline sports in NZ!

I think I have been experiencing the typical stages of the ‘W’ curve of change. As the time to leave NZ approached, I was feeling firstly a mix of anger, frustration, exhaustion and then ambivalence! Andrew on the other hand was experiencing pure excitement ahahahah. Anyway, given that we would not be back to NZ for quite a … Continue reading

My cross-cultural wedding

One thing that I’ve found interesting is how people try to combine different cultural traditions into their wedding. For example, a ‘typical’ modern Chinese wedding involves the groom meeting the bride at her home rather than at the ‘altar’. The groom and his groomsmen may have to perform a series of tasks (like push-ups, singing, drinking something horrid etc … Continue reading

The Kiwi Identity:From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry

For much of the last century, New Zealand has identified itself more with ‘Western’ powers such as Britain and Australia. However, within the last ten years, the influx of Asian migrants has occurred faster than developments in New Zealand’s government domestic and foreign policy, still caught in the British/Maori biculturalism debate. While New Zealanders come … Continue reading