Chinese New Year in Beijing

This year we spent Chinese New Years (CNY) doing what most Beijingers don’t do- we stayed in Beijing. Most people either leave for their hometowns or go vacationing elsewhere to escape the constant sound of fireworks. However, I think Chinese New Year in Beijing is absolutely wonderful. The streets are deserted, the air is relatively … Continue reading

What can I do to make a difference to combat slavery?

There are many interesting initiatives combating human trafficking and slavery around the world. Today I spoke to a group of young professionals on Human Trafficking around the world and had a discussion specifically on human trafficking in China. It was really great to engage on how we can all make a difference. In my view, … Continue reading

How to get super fat- a Chinese love story with food

Its been a few days in Beijing and I am not quite sure if what I am eating is real food. Just in case you havent heard, the recent food cases in China include: 1. Watermelons injected with some food hormone until they burst from ‘overgrowing’                   … Continue reading

Confessions of a recovering racist- part 2

I am a racist, I must confess. If you read my recent post on “The Price of Democracy in Malaysia”, you could be forgiven if you thought this blog was called “My Confessions”. Yes, I am a recovering racist, and this is my confession: It has only been under a week since the historic 9 … Continue reading

The dangers of a single story- Chimamanda Adichie

You will be richly blessed by this video!! This is an amazing speech by Chimamanda Adichie about the need to learn about the multiple stories to a situation/issue/people  rather than fall prey to stereotyping people under a ‘single story’. (I love her story of how her roommate assumed that she was a poor, uneducated African … Continue reading

Bersih 2.0 and Elections- the need to be clean and fair

This week I have been pondering the need to respect the fundamental freedoms of assembly, to use speech in a none hateful way and the rule of law. My appreciation for the term ‘good governance’ has grown leaps and bounds in the last fortnight, despite having advised on governance projects over the last 3 years. … Continue reading