The Masters of Beijing- Part 1

In China, you come across interesting occupations, identities and roles that you normally don’t see outside China. For that reason, I am starting a new series documenting these very interesting people. Here is my first attempt at sharing about these people.  Obviously meant to be tongue in cheek =)   Related China posts:   Chinese … Continue reading

Tips for job hunting in China

From my time in China, I have found it to be a completely different job market from what I am used to elsewhere. In New Zealand, UK, USA etc, you are likely to find most vacancies posted on popular job sites and you can generally expect a response to your job applications. Not the case … Continue reading

A walk through a traditional Chinese hutong

This is a walk through one of the few preserved hutongs on China. Hutongs are small alleyways but are also taken to refer to the traditional architecture of old China.                       I would describe hutongs as ‘quaint’. Cooling in summer but freezing in winter. And … Continue reading

Trafficking in China

Two months ago, I gave a presentation on human trafficking in South East Asia. This was the first time I had presented on the issue in China, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The audience was largely young professionals- some expats, some local Chinese– with some university students as well. Everything went well … Continue reading

Overview of China in ten minutes

Below is a good ten minute video on the main facts about China. The points that are most true for me are: 1. Every 5 days, a new skyscraper is completed and you can see this in Beijing. People who were in Beijing 5 years ago are known to exclaim at how everything is different … Continue reading

How to get super fat- a Chinese love story with food

Its been a few days in Beijing and I am not quite sure if what I am eating is real food. Just in case you havent heard, the recent food cases in China include: 1. Watermelons injected with some food hormone until they burst from ‘overgrowing’                   … Continue reading

Corruption: culturally specific or cultural excuse?

One of the first times that I started questioning whether ‘corruption’ was a flexible term that falls in between the ‘black and white’ was when I was at a university student club meeting attended by many international students. The main speaker was a very senior lawyer with over 60 years legal experience and known for … Continue reading

A glimpse into Beijing- photos

Related articles Day 4 – Hutong tour on bicycle rickshaw – Beijing, China (

My first week in Beijing

After getting over feeling extremely daunted in a completely foreign land and unable to communicate with people, Beijing has slowly grown on me. Our introduction to Chinese bureaucracy is still ongoing- we sent 7 boxes via freight to China (the day before we left) and they are still held up in customs after 1.5 months. … Continue reading

My business card

Because I will be nomadic for the next few months (and will be meeting many people in Thailand), I decided to have a business card made. NOT AN EASY TASK! I wont bore you with the details but I’ve now learned that if you ever want something designed, just sit next to the designer and … Continue reading

The Kiwi Identity:From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry

For much of the last century, New Zealand has identified itself more with ‘Western’ powers such as Britain and Australia. However, within the last ten years, the influx of Asian migrants has occurred faster than developments in New Zealand’s government domestic and foreign policy, still caught in the British/Maori biculturalism debate. While New Zealanders come … Continue reading