Top 11 Kids who made a difference- activists and geniuses!

In research about youth identity, you commonly read about how children are often regarded as voiceless and powerless beings. Click Top 11 Kids who made a Difference to read about something different! This slideshow and commentary of Top 11 Kids who made a Difference clearly shows this is far from the truth. The fact that … Continue reading

Hip hop and counter-trafficking

Don’t know how you can make a difference to stop human trafficking? Jason Chu is an example of starting where you are at and using what skills you have to make a difference. Jason is fundraising money to support the Red Thread Movement and its work against trafficking…and he’s using hip hop to do so! … Continue reading

Youth identity in UN and World Bank policies

Here is the latest article from one of my pieces of research over the last year. It examines how youth are often portrayed as trouble makers or victims. In conflict situations it gets a bit more complicated, with many development agencies preferring images of children dying in order to secure more donations, or at the … Continue reading

Where children sleep

Check this out: “As a child, that’s your little space within the house,” Mr. Mollison said. Kaya, 4, lives with her parents in a small Tokyo apartment. James Mollison Kaya’s bedroom. Mr. Mollison’s new book, “Where Children Sleep,” had its origins in a project undertaken for a children’s charity several years ago. As he … Continue reading

Photo-journal of Burma border

Slavery and statelessness, and its forgotten victims

When we think about the abolition of slavery, we often think about the courage of William Wilberforce and the anti-slavery movement in America. We think of how humans have progressed from the abuse and racism that undergirds the violence of slavery, and we feel a sense of history in how we have progressed so far. … Continue reading

An Insiders look into selecting Rotary Peace Fellows

Its not often that someone hands you your interview questions on a plate!!! So if you are lucky to get to the interview stage for the peace fellowship, then check this page out!!!!!! It  almost feels like cheating!!!!   You will see some guidelines given to Rotary Clubs on how to select potential Rotary Peace … Continue reading

Elaine’s Rotary Foundation clip

As promised, here is the completed video on the Rotary Foundation!!! What does “Service Above Self” mean? How does the Rotary Foundation seek to serve others through its scholarship programme? Check out the above clip to find out how the Foundation has invested in young scholars. You can also read a brief summary from the latest Rotary Wellington … Continue reading

My talk on youth identity to Wellington South Rotary Club, 13 April 2013

The speech went reasonably well according to my husband but I was surprisingly nervous AFTER the speech. I guess I didnt feel it was my best talk =). I spoke about how the UN and World Bank constructs youth identity (and specifically the identity of those living in war zones). As summarised in the attached Rotary … Continue reading

Youth identity- victim, troublemaker or peacebuilder?

On 13 April 2011, I will be speaking at the Wellington South’s meeting and sharing my findings on how youth are perceived by the UN and World Bank. My research is confined to youth living in the conflict and post-conflict setting. This issue of youth identity is no doubt a popular topic for discussion given … Continue reading

Youth Theater for Peace – Kyrgyzstan

Check it out: The Youth Theater for Peace program (YTP) promotes sustainable conflict prevention at the community level through a participatory theater methodology called Drama for Conflict Transformation. YTP is implemented by IREX and funded by USAID. For more information, please visit: