About Elaine

I love connecting people, mobilising youth for positive change and making deals happen. These skills are tested daily in my capacity as a mum.

As a Rotary Peace Fellow, I often speak and write about issues pertaining to peace building, human trafficking, identity and culture. And having worked with ‘for-profits’ and NGOs around the world, I now spend much of my time changing diapers and advising corporates and NGOs in Asia.

I have lived/worked in New Zealand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand and China. This will explain my confused accent.

Recipient of:

  • Rotary Peace Fellowship to undergo peace building and conflict resolution training in 2011 at the Rotary Peace Centre, Chulalongkorn University.
  • Victoria university of Wellington Mike Moore 2010 Prize.
  • Malaysia-Singapore Victoria University Wellington Scholarship, 2000-3. 

Thoughts on identity:

  • E Pratley, “Youth: victim, troublemaker or peacebuilder? Constructions of youth-in-conflict in United Nations and World Bank youth policies” (forthcoming). 
  • E Pratley, “The Kiwi Identity: From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry”, New Zealand International Affairs, Vol.36, No.2, 2011. To read article click here- The Kiwi identity: From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry
  • E Tan, “The Kiwi Face”, Canvas (NZ), Issue 47, 2008. Click here to read:  The Kiwi Face
  • EML Tan and F Knowsley, Taking on the Challenge, 2003 (reprinted 2005) Victoria University Wellington Press.

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