Cuandixia- 500 year old Ming Dynasty village

Cuandixia was an unexpected surprise. At the doorstep of Beijing, this 500 year old village harking back to the Ming Dynasty is still ‘alive and well’ and still holds many descendents of the Han family that founded this village.

A perfect weekend away would involve 2 nights stay at Cuandixia, sipping beers while playing cards and just taking in as much as you can of the still night, fresh air and craggy, rocky mountain ranges.

Our trip to Cuandixia began with an hour long subway trip to Pingguoyuan and then bargaining over the black taxi fare. The drive from the Pingguoyuan station to Cuandixia was just over an hour and wasnt terrible (I am talking from a ‘motion sickness’ perspective).









While the village is not big and a walk round would only require a few hours, climbing the nearby hill and admiring Cuandixia’s beauty was worth the weekend trip. It was also a great excuse to eat good food and slowing down.











(Above: Pictures of corn being dried and used to make corn porridge for breakfast)

Cuandixia’s name comes from the coal heated beds (which we didnt have the pleasure of using =) ) that villagers used to keep warm over the freezing winter months. Thus, it was a coal mining town as well. The chinese character for the town is now no longer in popular use as it is so complicated and consists of several different Chinese characters, one of which is ‘fire’.

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