Occupy Fangzi: A lesson for Beijing renters (funny)

This is such pure genius, that I simply must share this story. If you live in China, you know that sometimes there are ‘China Days’. Sometimes China wins, sometimes you win. This is a story of how one ingenious waiguoren (foreigner) mum living in Beijing managed to overcome a difficult renting situation and made sure … Continue reading

Top 11 Kids who made a difference- activists and geniuses!

In research about youth identity, you commonly read about how children are often regarded as voiceless and powerless beings. Click Top 11 Kids who made a Difference to read about something different! This slideshow and commentary of Top 11 Kids who made a Difference clearly shows this is far from the truth. The fact that … Continue reading

Trafficking in China

Two months ago, I gave a presentation on human trafficking in South East Asia. This was the first time I had presented on the issue in China, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The audience was largely young professionals- some expats, some local Chinese– with some university students as well. Everything went well … Continue reading