Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club

You may already have read or heard about the Obedient Wives Club, but if not, it is worth watching this video. While the salacious aspects of their claims may have caught headlines, I am more concerned about the Club’s view of a marriage relationship. What most concerns me is the club’s emphasis on:

1. the Wife. There is a clear suggestion that
(a.) a good marriage depends on the wife’s total submission to the husband’s sexual gratification. Marriage is no longer a partnership of two companions but about the man’s needs only.

(b) there is an underlying suggestion that other women are not obedient to their husbands if they are true to themselves, share their thoughts and views and act as a partner should.

(c) her intrinsic value is less than that of a man (implied, but I’m sure the secretary of the club said it before).

2. Sex. While sex was created to be a good thing, idolising it as the ‘be all and end all’ has brought down many a man, woman and society (think Ancient Greek empire). The tenet of the Obedient Wives Club is that sexual obedience is the sole basis for a good marriage. Lust and love is blurred and a wife’s submission is done out of duty and not love. While this form of teaching is not unknown in other cultures, it has never been expressed so openly in Malaysia. From the video, you can also tell that it is also not the mainstream Malay view.

While I am troubled that these MALAYSIAN women believe they are valued less than a man (in that she has to wait for her allotted time with him and that her views are secondary to his), I hope peacemakers will rise up to create opportunities for dialogue, understanding and respect. And that these peacemakers demonstrate grace and love so that all women (inside and outside this Club) understand that they are created a God’s image and not to be undervalued. Otherwise, the social divisions in Malaysia will deepen even further.

One Response to “Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club”
  1. Nigel Pollock says:

    I agree Elaine. Submission as a response to sacrifice can be an expression of mutual love. Submission in response to power or domination is self protection at best and abuse at worst.

    I wonder what a loving husbands club would emphasise!

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