Hip hop and counter-trafficking

Don’t know how you can make a difference to stop human trafficking? Jason Chu is an example of starting where you are at and using what skills you have to make a difference. Jason is fundraising money to support the Red Thread Movement and its work against trafficking…and he’s using hip hop to do so! His CD launch is taking place this Saturday at Qianmen, Beijing at 5-8pm, so join in the fun for a good cause!

Here is a short clip by Jason Chu where he talks about human trafficking, injustice, and ignorance (Clip of his song ‘The Uncool’ is below)-


As background, Jason writes:

“About 3 months ago, through my job in Beijing, I met Rachel, a girl who represents (actually helped found) this nonprofit… the RED THREAD MOVEMENT… we had her come out and speak at a few opportunities around town and she killed it!

Red Thread helps empower young women in Nepal to avoid being snatched up into sex slavery; they train them to make bracelets that get sold around the world (you can see me wearing mine on the back cover of THE UNCOOL), which all of the profits go right back to the Nepalese women; they provide safe houses for the girls and education on how to avoid being kidnapped and personal safety (in Nepal this is different than what we think of in America… in America you might worry about your wallet, your MP3 player, your phone – in Nepal and other developing and impoverished areas around the world you have to worry about being kidnapped, enslaved, and raped every day for years)…

when I heard about the work that Red Thread was doing, and especially that they are partnering with musicians, it seemed like a natural extension of my heart for the world. One day, I would love to be fully supported through my music, poetry, speaking engagements, etc. – but right now I’m doing OK with the income I have, plus this is a cause I am more than willing to sacrifice for – so I decided to dedicate 100% of the proceeds from my planned mixtape (at the time it had no title… now it’s THE UNCOOL…) to what they’re doing in Nepal.”


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