How to get super fat- a Chinese love story with food

Its been a few days in Beijing and I am not quite sure if what I am eating is real food. Just in case you havent heard, the recent food cases in China include:

1. Watermelons injected with some food hormone until they burst from ‘overgrowing’













2. Fake eggs












3. Chicken being masked as pork or beef, beef being masked as pork or chicken, pork being masked as chicken or beef- all depending on what is most pricey at the time.














To sum it up: The best thing about life in China is the food. The worst is fake food.

So needless to say, I found the recent post by Blonde Girl. One Year. China to be most amusing. She is right- all those foods are definitely worth gaining a few pounds for. There is nothing quite like eating barbequed chuan (pron ‘chuar’ in Beijing), which is the skewers of satay meat/ kebabs, on the side streets while chatting away at night. The closest experience is ‘mamaking’ in Malaysia where you pay a few ringgits for a iced milo and spend 2 hours chatting away.

Oh, and dont forget the steamed baozi/jiaozi.

As noted in Blonde Girl, “Jiaozi (dumplings) are the pride and joy of China (minus manufacturing and communism of course).” Andrew boiled 25 pieces for my late dinner two nights ago and I have a feeling I downed them in 10 minutes flat. *BLISS*

Yes, self control will need to be discipline that I learn soon(ish).But not TONIGHT!!! Six of us went out to The China Club for dinner just now (thank you to the Beijing Rotary Charity Ball where I won a RMB2000 in a lucky draw!!!) and we ordered 10 main courses- there were at least 2 ducks, 2 chicken dishes, abalone dishes…..


Thankfully, I have been biking an average of 1.5 hours a day. Hopefully those pounds will keep well away for a little longer.


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