Flash mob hakas- New Zealand going Rugby wild!

Here is a really great insight into the Kiwi mentality and rugby craze storming through New Zealand right now. The Rugby World Cup begins end of this week with New Zealand’s first game and so it is fitting that the atmosphere is piping hot with excitement right now.

To get a sense of this excitement, here is a video of a flash mob, Kiwi style, where a group of 30 random men break out into a Haka (Wikipedia definition: “a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment”…..a funny definition, if you ask me)

As noted on Stuffs website “The group of young men appeared from nowhere to perform ear-splitting chants in the city centre and at Sylvia Park mall during the weekend.”

Video footage shows three men loitering in a square at Sylvia Park acting as though they are about to get into a fight. Suddenly, a cry comes up and then men burst into a chant. The three men are joined by around thirty “bystanders”, including young men in high-visibility vests, creating a booming noise that echoes around the square. As the haka finishes, the crowd cheers, and the performers casually disappear back into the crowd.

Go All Blacks!

One Response to “Flash mob hakas- New Zealand going Rugby wild!”
  1. Stephanie Chung says:

    I’m going for a couple of games, yay!! 🙂

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