Photo-journal of Burma border

Young monk novices who are ethnically Shan who fled Burma into Thailand. They are stateless so have no rights to education. In order to obtain education, they have joined the Buddhist temple.

Getting ready to jump in and get dirty....

Novice monks at the Sangha Getta Project at Piang Luang getting ready to do some rice planting. The project is based on the idea of living sustainably. These novices are from many ethnic groups in the region, particularly the Shan people from Burma. Many Shans have fled to Thailand as the Burmese army has made it known of its policy to eradicate the Shan people completely.

6 Responses to “Photo-journal of Burma border”
  1. steven tan says:

    clean novice monks! not here

  2. Stephanie Chung says:

    If there are more churches over there, do you think they would still join Buddhist temples?

  3. There are other religious organisations, including Christian ones, working there to help people being trafficked. These temples are actually doing good work to help minority boys who are stateless although granted, I may have a different cultural/political/religious perspective to the values they promote. Unfortunately, the group being missed are young girls as the temples generally only take in boys. Many of these girls remain in one of the 6 temporary shelters at the border (as Thailand is not signatory of the Refugee convention so these displaced people are not legally recognised as refugees). Thankfully, organisations like New Life Centre (which is Christian based) works with ethnic minority girls who are trafficked.

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