Cabbages&Condoms and Bangkok tour




The last week has been filled with rather random activities- catching up with old friends, visiting an interesting development project in Bangkok, attending a Flo Rida concert and then ending with a tour of Bangkok’s main tourist sites. Now that I think about it, its been a very full week!










This is a photo of Michelle and I at the Flo Rida concert in Bangkok. It was a very interesting experience to witness a hip-hop culture (bling is basically the only item that singers seem to think sets them apart as hip hop artists!) and also watch a fight take place right next to us between two guys and a girl over Flo Rida’s shoe. I soon realised the girl (who won the shoe) was a lady boy.


The top photo is of Irene Santiago, founder of Mother of Peace in Phillipines, former UNIFEM Chief in New York, organiser of the NGO forum at the Fourth World Conference on Women at Beijing, candidate for Vice President in Philippine’s 1998 elections, nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and also member of the Philippine Government Panel negotiating peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. An honour to learn from her about working as a woman in peace and conflict and tapping into her life experience in peace works.





On Thursday, a group of fellows and I went to Cabbages and Condoms on soi 12 near Asok BTS station in Bangkok. Cabbages and Condoms is a business initiative of the Population and Community Development Association which strives to educate Thais about family planning and HIV. The PDA was started 20 years ago when population growth in Thailand was out of control with roughly 7 children per family. Profit from Cabbages and Condoms  goes into building schools and their family planning initiatives and is popular with expats, particularly as the food is “guaranteed to not cause pregnancy”! (see

Apart from the interesting development objective, the restaurant was a wonderful place to visit with amazing fairy light decorations and lamps made out of condoms! The lantern above (with flowers) is made out of condoms. You will also notice from the sign above that staff at Cabbages and Condoms have provided Democrat and Republican sized condoms to ensure it meets many of its clientele’s needs. As for photo 2 , I am not too sure if there is anybody who would willingly put their face in to the holes to take a picture. Hmm..













Look closer at these photos. You will see that they are actually coloured condoms used to make costumes!








Aside from Cabbages and Condoms, we also had a tour of Bangkok’s Grand Place, Wat Arun and Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha).








The Grand Palace is too big for one photo but basically many of the buildings/buddha images were made of plaster and painted with gold leaf (real gold!!!). There were also buildings influenced by Italian, French and British architecture. The Grand Palace was the official residence of the Thai kings from the 18th century onwards after Rama 1 ordered its construction in 1782 .







You will see that Thai men are not shy to hold hands in public- physical touch cultures vary!!! When we entered some of these touristy sites, we couldnt help but feel guilty with posters warning the public about non-thai pickpocket gangs!!!!!









This is a photo taken at the Massage School (the first open university in Thailand) at Wat Pho (reclining buddha). The reason this is not a thumbnail photo is so that readers wanting their partners/spouses to massage properly can print this photo and strategically place on the bed. Andrew?!?!?!??!



















After a long tiring day on land, we hopped onto a boat and had a trip down the Chao Phrya river and through the riverside villages. We also managed to feed some fish which are nicknamed Pla Farang (Foreign Fish, because they eat so much bread just like foreigners/farang). The school of fish was so large and the fish were so big that their feeding cause the boat to rock!!!

Anyway, we capped the day off with a trip to Wat Arun (Wat means temple) where many of us climbed to the top of the temple for a view of the river/city.









Overall, a very full week!!!! I will be uploading a post on some of the things I have learned this week, so stay tuned!

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  1. Stephanie Chung says:

    Hey Elaine, such a pleasure reading the article! 🙂 Good to know you are having lots of fun! Missing you and Andrew. Take care. God bless..

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