A glimpse into Beijing- photos


On our first Sunday in Beijing, we wanted to test the subways, so we went to Tiananmen Square and walked round Qianmen Lu

Workers Museum

Marching soldiers...with a tourist getting in the way!

We explored Prince Guan's Palace with Long. In the middle of the palace is a courtyard with manmade 'hills' which were basically volcanic rock used to create a beautiful garden.

The platform where the actors would act while the Prince watched from across the pond

This is in Ho Hai (translates to 'back sea'). Though it is actually a lake, apparently when the Mongolians conquered beijing, they were so entralled as they had never seen the sea. So they called it a 'sea' even though it was just a lake. It is called 'back sea' as its position is at the back of one of the palaces.

We went to a hutong in the Dongcheng district and spent 5 hours biking around the city centre. The best things about Beijing is how easy and fun it is to explore the city with bikes.

This is another hutong (alley) in Dongzhimen. A popular Xinjiang province cuisine is 'chuan' (pronounced 'chuar') which is like satay/kebabs marinated with cumin seeds. In this photo you see fairy lights used to form what looks like a stick with two sausages.This is the chinese character for CHUAR! Arent the chinese clever! Chuar with beer is the best way to relax!

Our friend Jane introduced us to another hutong (which is 'alleyway' where you can find small and simple 'eateries') where we found a place that sold amazing roast mutton which cooks right at your table. Mutton dipped in a dukkha type cumin sauce was EXQUISITE! A must for ANYONE!

2 Responses to “A glimpse into Beijing- photos”
  1. Karen Teasdale says:

    I feel hungry looking at those photos!!

  2. Fiona Reid says:

    Thanks for sharing. The alley food and your description makes the mouth water – and I bet the price is insignificant too! You’ll have to do some work soon!

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