Melbourne CBD

The first big shock of yesterday morning, as we explored Melbourne CBD, was how compact and small the actual CBD is…..we followed a map and kept missing the interesting lanes cos we walked too far (as we didnt expect things to be so close).

Andrew’s heart leaped with joy when he spotted ‘Pie Face’. Andrew’s way of showing patriotism to NZ is to eat pies. MANY pies.

All we did yesterday was eat. We started with a small belgian waffle (AUD5) at Degraves Lane followed by high tea at Hopetoun Tea Rooms- English breakfast, lime tart and wild berry sponge cake, all for a whopping AUD 21. We just saw a queue and thats how we chose where to eat!


Generally it was nice meandering down the lanes and enjoying a nice bratwurst hotdog at Victoria Market, but what we really found weird was why the walking tours (ie maps given to us by the Visitor Centre) took us down strange lanes that smelt of urine. Basically, I would not want to walk down these at night.

Oh well, anything to make things sound interesting to tourists! While the long travelling distances have put us of Melbourne for now, we really have enjoyed Chinatown and Victoria Street in Richmond with all the yummy Vietnamese food. It is the “meanest” noodles you’ve ever tasted (as I imagine Hai saying) .


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