I met real Aussie locals!

I met real Aussie locals this week and they were REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
I’m not kidding. I met them at the Yarra Valley at Healesville Sanctuary and here are few photos of my new friends:

Actually, the first furry friend wasnt too communicative. In fact, I would almost say he was annoyed with me.  Perhaps it was the fact he was trying to get away?

What I find really strange is how the Sanctuary showcases its special VIPs (very important pets) and yet sells some of them as meat in the supermarket (see the Kangaroo package above…save the world, eat Kangaroo!). I guess it wouldnt be so strange if the Kangaroo was just ‘another chicken’ walking around like a barnyard animal…but its not.

I have also just learnt that the possum is P.R.O.T.E.C.T.E.D in Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cross the ocean into New Zealand, and you can BASH them! Cross back, and you’d be imprisoned if you did so. Lesson 1: Make sure you read Lonely Planet to avoid potential criminal acts.

Anyway, I also learned that the Tasmanian Devil is NOT blue, not fat, not upright on two legs and not as mean looking as in Looney Tunes.

Man, there is a lot on TV that can really damage a child’s understanding of the world! My generation grew up on The Simpsons. One can only pray for the best for the future.


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