The quintessential Kiwi summer

 What is the quintessential Kiwi summer? 

A truly kiwi summer must meet several requirements before it can be deemed a kiwi summer and those requirements are encapsulated in these words :sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.

 1. Sight- New Zealand is a vibrant array of colour during the summer. When the Pohutukawas (NZ Christmas Tree, middle picture) is in full bloom and the streets are covered in a soft red carpet, you know Christmas is near. And yes, its summer at Christmas time!!!!! During a Kiwi summer, every thing is a deep bold colour and you cant help but feel you are watching the world through a flat screen TV where everything becomes extra vibrant.

2. Sound- suddenly sound is amplified and travels through air a lot quicker. The seagulls appear to be squaking a lot more often, while dogs are running about freely, as if breaking out of the wintery bondages. The sizzle of food on the barbeque is bound to be heard not to far away too!

3. Smell – talking about barbeques….Kick back and open a bottle of cold Bundaberg ginger beer while your husband downs a bottle of cold Tui beer (Steinlager if he’s feeling posh) and  watches the steaks, sausages and chicken wings chargrill to a blackened crisp on the flaming barbeque pit. Ahhh…… summer time.  The only time when a man volunteers to cook (generally speaking).

4. Taste- If you’re  lucky, strawberry season has also hit. Oh yes, taste the sweetness. If you’re doubly lucky, its Christmas time and the right thing to do would be to pop a chocolate covered strawberry into your mouth. Cos its culturally/politically/economically correct thing to do.


Chocolate/coconut covered strawberries made for our Christmas dinner!

It only becomes politically incorrect when you eat as many and as wrongly as below….

Strawberries- a REAL man's food


 And finally

5. Touch- Yay, its Summer time! Warm enough for a game of touch rugby!

(eww, not hugs! Who wants to hug sweaty men during summer time? Hugging in New Zealand is left to winter time…there’s a reason why many of my friends’ babies were conceived in winter months!!!) 

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  1. big like! – thanks .

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