Adrenaline sports in NZ!

I think I have been experiencing the typical stages of the ‘W’ curve of change. As the time to leave NZ approached, I was feeling firstly a mix of anger, frustration, exhaustion and then ambivalence! Andrew on the other hand was experiencing pure excitement ahahahah. Anyway, given that we would not be back to NZ for quite a long time, Andrew agreed to go sky diving with me. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! It really depends what kind of person you are but I guess I tend to be more of an adrenaline junkie than Andrew. I was the first one out of the plane and enjoyed the 200km/sec freefall at 12,000 feet while I heard Andrew falling through the sky shouting.

Taupo Lake was absolutely stunning! I had heard that Taupo was a great place for sky diving but I didnt take it seriously til now. From the sky, I saw a complete rainbow (we were one of two flights that made it up as it had been raining the rest of the day), the lake, the mountain ranges and clouds. In fact, I fell through the clouds and AWESOME is the word for the feeling. Once the parachute was out, there were several flip flops in the tummy but it was generally relaxing just hanging from the parachute.

Apart from sky-diving, we went blackwater rafting with the Legendary Black Water Rafting Compnay which involved underground cave tubing, abseilling down 65m through a black hole, using a flying fox in the dark, enjoying glow worms in the Ruakiri Cave in Waitomo, climbing two waterfalls, avoiding being bitten by the 40year old eel in the cave and more! It was a packed 5hour trip and so worth it!

Check out the video on to get an idea of what we did. If you havent done it before, I highly recommend it. Get the entertainment voucher 25% discount and you have little reason not to!!! We went on the 5hr Black Abyss Tour and if you are reasonably fit, I suggest you choose that-

You’d think that sky diving and black water rafting is dangerous but not at all!! (well, we’re still alive so thats the benchmark). THe day before sky diving, we went go-karting and out of the whole week, I only had bruising from the go-karting! Go-karting is rather fun for the first few minutes until the jostling and bumpiness gets to you! Actually, it was far more physically challenging than climbing waterfalls!!

Anyway, there were several mean tactics where some drivers (ie “Andrew”) who cut off the rest or caused a pile-up. But God is just and he ended up with a sprained toe eheheheh.


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