About Elaine

Elaine is a lawyer and Rotary Peace Fellow who speaks and writes on issues of peace building, human trafficking, youth, identity and culture. Having worked with NGOs in New Zealand, China and elsewhere, she now spends much of her time advising corporates and NGOs in Asia.

She has lived in New Zealand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Thailand and now lives in Beijing, China.

Recipient of:

  • Rotary World Peace Scholarship to attend peacebuilding and conflict resolution training at the Rotary Peace Centre, Chulalongkorn University in 2011. Click here to read Dominion article : DomPost11Nov2010 .
  • Mike Moore 2010 Prize for best Masters of International Relations student.
  • New Zealand Institute of International Affairs’ 2010 Postgraduate Prize.
  • ‘Best Speaker’ at the United Nations Wellington Youth Model Security Council 2010.
  • Malaysia-Singapore Victoria University Wellington Scholarship, 2000-3. 

Thoughts on identity:

  • E Pratley, “Youth: victim, troublemaker or peacebuilder? Constructions of youth-in-conflict in United Nations and World Bank youth policies” (forthcoming). See full version – ELAINE PRATLEY’s THESIS
  • E Pratley, “The Kiwi Identity: From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry”, New Zealand International Affairs, Vol.36, No.2, 2011. To read article click here- The Kiwi identity: From ‘Meat and three vegs’ to Rotis and Thai green curry
  • E Tan, “The Kiwi Face”, Canvas (NZ), Issue 47, 2008. Click here to read:  The Kiwi Face
  • EML Tan and F Knowsley, Taking on the Challenge, 2003 (reprinted 2005) Victoria University Wellington Press.

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